Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays

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The members of Minute Man Sportsman's Club have recently constructed a state of the art sporting clays venue. Making better use of club owned land we worked hard to bring Shotgun Sportsmen a new and challenging course to enjoy for many years to come.

There are currently 15 stations with brand new MEC traps and Long Range computerized controllers. The equipment allows shooters to go out and shoot targets at their leisure, while allowing the flexibility to stay on a station and practice a certain target until you master the presentation (please be courteous to other shooters if practicing a specific target and step aside to let others shoot if they are waiting)

So far the feedback from fellow shooters has been positive and the membership has received many complements on the quality and construction of the course. Give us a call and make arrangements to shoot with us.


  • Address:56R Francis Wyman road, Burlington
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  • Office Phone: 781-272-7169


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