Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Angelo Troisi - Skeet

Angelo has been shooting shotguns since his late teens, and has made this sport his career. Angelo has been involved in every aspect of the game, including managing New England’s largest private shooting facility, Minuteman Sportsman’s Club. He sells guns, tube sets and shooting accessories. This wide range of shooting experience has helped his students reach their potential faster and with less frustration, than the trial and error method that he experienced. Angelo has been on 1 9 All American teams since he won the Champion of Champions Event at San Antonio in 1986 and again in 1999. He has shot registered Skeet since 1968 and has shot over 200,000 registered targets throughout the country. He has been a member of the Massachusetts and Zone I Skeet Teams more than thirty eight times. Angelo has given over 10,000 hours of Skeet instruction, ranging from Novices to World Champions. He is was Zone I Chief Instructor and assisted in compiling the NSSA Instructor’s Manual. He has attained the NSSA Masters rating, one of 11 in the World.

Skeet Shooting Clinic

This Clinic will be packed with skeet instruction by NSSA Master Instructor Angelo Troisi. This class will consist of 6 hours of instruction in convenient segments. You will learn how to hit moving targets with the most efficient stance and form for your build and temperament shooting with Angelo at your side. These segments will be either private or semi-private for relaxing, non-intimidating instruction, and maximum personal attention. You will learn Angelo’s Unique 4 Step Coil method that will take the guess-work out of finding the correct distance, height and position for your gun from the face of the house. Don’t practice your mistakes over and over. This a perfect time to take a positive step to reach your full skeet potential.

What You'll Learn

  • Shotgun Handling and Safety
  • Eye Dominance
  • Gun Fitting
  • Gun Mounting
  • Foot Position
  • Unique 4-Step Coil Method
  • Hold Points
  • Where to Look
  • Seeing the Target
  • Swing and Follow-Through
  • Doubles
  • Shoot-off Techniques
  • How to Practice Constructively
  • Equipment and Reloading Advice
  • Concentration and Mental Management

Tim Short - Skeet

A Certified Level II National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) instructor, Tim provides hands-on instruction to novice, intermediate and advanced shooters looking to improve their skeet and/or field shooting. Over the past eight years, Tim has achieved AA and AAA NSSA classification ratings and brings this level of expertise to his students in building their shooting knowledge, methods and skills in:

  • Shotgun safety
  • Gun fit / gun mounting / hold points / target acquisition
  • Shooting positions, methods and forms (station by station or in the field
  • The mental game
  • Methods for improving focus
  • Shooting etiquette
  • Eye dominance management

Tim competes nationally and has trained extensively with several of the world’s top skeet shooters. Tim also donates considerable time each year to youth shooters associated with the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP). He has built his skeet and field shooting instruction business primarily through referrals from satisfied customers. References available upon request. Contact Tim directly at 978-578-1429 to inquire about his availability for lessons at Minuteman Sportsman’s Club, and about individual/group rates.

Bruce Maxwell - Trap

Bruce teaches trap lessons to all skill levels, his website can be found here.

Beginner - Save time and money by getting basic instruction from the very beginning of your Trapshooting Experience. Why experiment with no point of reference? Our program accomplishes these initial goals.

Intermediate - "A little knowledge can be dangerous. " There are a great many intermediate shooters who have stalled out in their skills and results and don't know how to work thourgh to improve. This program comletes this phase of development.

Advanced - Every shooter needs to review the basics from time to time as well as home their skills. Why not cement skills obtained over the past years ? Bad habits creep into many shooting styles. This program roots that out and helps the shooters along his or her career.

frank challant

Frank Challant

Frank is a nationally ranked sporting clays shooter and has competed all over the United States and Canada.

Frank has learned from some of the best in the sport; Jon Kruger, Will Fennel and scotty Robinson just to name a few.

He is a life member of the National Sporting Clays Association and presently sits on its National Advisory Board in the shooter category.

"I am happy to help you with every aspect of the game, from reading target flight and developing strategy with body and mind”

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