Our Trap Instructors

Bruce Maxwell

Bruce teaches trap lessons to all skill levels, his website can be found here.

Beginner - Save time and money by getting basic instruction from the very beginning of your Trapshooting Experience. Why experiment with no point of reference? Our program accomplishes these initial goals.

Intermediate - "A little knowledge can be dangerous. " There are a great many intermediate shooters who have stalled out in their skills and results and don't know how to work thourgh to improve. This program comletes this phase of development.

Advanced - Every shooter needs to review the basics from time to time as well as home their skills. Why not cement skills obtained over the past years ? Bad habits creep into many shooting styles. This program roots that out and helps the shooters along his or her career.


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  • Email: info@minutemansportsmen.com
  • Website: www.minutemansportsmen.com
  • Office Phone: 781-272-7169


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