Minute Man Sportsman's Club Is One Of The Finest Privately Owned Shotgun Only Facilities On The East Coast

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Our Trap Program

Minuteman Sportsman’s club offers outstanding facilities that provide a friendly environment for both social shooting and training allowing the target shooter to focus on his skills while enjoying the sport with other people that share the same interests.

Upcoming Shoots

Minuteman Sportsman’s club is happy to offer White Flyer targets again this year. Below is a list of Trap shoots and dates for the season. You can join or renew your membership with the ATA at the club the day of the shoot.

For people who want to bring their RV’s to the Massachusetts or New Hampshire state shoots there are a limited number parking positions with electricity available on a first come first serve basis for the shoot so call and reserve your space today!

2020 Trap Shoots

  • May 3 Spring Open
  • May 17 Fabbri Cup
  • June 11-14 MA State Shoot
  • July 31-August 2 NH State Shoot


Bruce Maxwell

Bruce Maxwell

Bruce teaches trap lessons to all skill levels, his website can be found here.

Beginner – Save time and money by getting basic instruction from the very beginning of your Trapshooting Experience. Why experiment with no point of reference? Our program accomplishes these initial goals.

Intermediate – “A little knowledge can be dangerous.” There are a great many intermediate shooters who have stalled out in their skills and results and don’t know how to work through to improve. This program completes this phase of development.

Advanced – Every shooter needs to review the basics from time to time as well as home their skills. Why not cement skills obtained over the past years? Bad habits creep into many shooting styles. This program roots that out and helps the shooters along his or her career.

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