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5 Stand

Our Skills

Our Five Stand course allows the shotgun enthusiast to experience new challenging targets that can be thrown as true pairs of targets creating a new challenge that is sure to please . With a little practice and coaching you will learn to break target pairs. The targets can be complex with flight lines that change through the flight path of the target. Target setting is a skill all of its own and an experienced target setter can throw targets that intrigue even the most experienced sporting clays shooter.

Five Stand Sporting is a more compact way of shooting sporting clays if space is at a premium. It is computer controlled and there are various levels of difficulty that can be programmed in. 5-Stand Sporting uses 6-8 automatic traps. At Minuteman we have 8 traps for our 5 stand field and a Clay Mate computerized trap controller. There are 3 levels of difficulty: Level 1- 5 single targets with full use of the gun for scoring Level 2- 3 single and a simultaneous pair Level 3- 1 single and 2 simultaneous pairs. Shooters (squad of five) can move from station to station with a predetermined menu of shots and combinations, or in a sequence unknown to the shooters. 5-STAND SPORTING is a registered trademark of Clay-Sport International, Inc., Alberta, Canada. In the U.S., 5-STAND is licensed by the NSCA.

In 1985 Clay-Sport began creating 5-Stand Sporting specifically with the bird hunter in mind. This game was designed to be easy and inexpensive to fit onto any of the thousands of existing trap and skeet fields, and it was also designed to follow the same format and rotation as ATA trap to make it easy to follow for the shooters of these popular shooting disciplines. The original game was played with no menu cards, which meant the shooters didn’t know which throwers the clay targets were coming from, making the game more like hunting, but much more fun as well. All the targets were highly visible since they passed over a central area on the playing field, and the shooters relied on their instinctive shooting skills to break them. When the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) and National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) took over 5-Stand in America however, they adopted menu cards to make the game more regimented, like skeet.

Today, 5-Stand Sporting has been adopted by the Federation Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse (FITASC), and with minor rule changes, they call their version Compak Sporting. Regardless, the game is now played in virtually every clay target shooting country in the world. 5-Stand Sporting is a registered trademark of Clay-Sport International Inc. If you are looking for a new challenge look no further this shotgun sport will require all of your focus to shoot well. While at the club make sure you stop by the 5 Stand field and give it a try.

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